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Proud of our Soldiers' Journal
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Thursday, February 16th, 2006
9:26 pm
Hey! I know I haven't posted in here in a while, so I wanted to make sure everyone knew I was still alive. We finally recieved our computers and got our internet hooked up last Friday. So here I am! I just updated my LJ info page, so please check it out. If you see we have something in common (besides being an army spouse) then holla at me!

Monday, December 12th, 2005
11:09 pm
Survey under cutCollapse )

Current Mood: annoyed
Friday, November 25th, 2005
1:47 pm
my sister bought a new CD (patriotic country 2) and after she left for work, she left it playing in our room... and a song came on that left me speechless... for those of you that can download music or whatever, i strongly recommend it....

here are the words...

"They Also Serve"
She kisses little Katy's forehead,
and she turns out the light
A night ahead in lonely bed,
she's a military wife
She pushes back a tear,
then sinks into a chair
Her mind says, "That's the way it is!"
Her heart says, "It ain't fair!"
She knows the price of sacrifice,
but she's proud to take a place.
In that unsung corps of warriors
Who stay behind and wait

THEY ALSO SERVE, those who stand and wait
Prayin' by the phone
To learn their loved one's fate
But they're still in the war
let there be no mistake
THEY ALSO SERVE, those who stand and wait

Jake climbs on the school bus,
marches bravely to his seat
His dad's not home to say, "So long!"
like his friends along the street
He has to be the man at home
as long as Daddy's gone
He promised him the day he left,
he'd be brave and strong
So he tells his little sister,
"Don't you worry, Daddy's comin' home."
He's eight years old, he's a soldier's son
And he can hold his own

THEY ALSO SERVE, those who stand and wait
Prayin' by the phone
To learn their loved one's fate
But they're still in the war
let there be no mistake
THEY ALSO SERVE, those who stand and wait

Mothers and fathers, daughters and sons
They don't wear a uniform or carry a gun
But they're still in the war

THEY ALSO SERVE, those who stand and wait
Prayin' by the phone
To learn their loved one's fate
But they're still in the war
let there be no mistake
THEY ALSO SERVE, those who stand and wait
Saturday, November 12th, 2005
1:59 am
Your Name: Jessica
Your Birthday: August 28th
Your Age: 20
Soldier's Name: Cameron
Soldier's Birthday: February 18th
Soldier's Age: 24
Status: Happily Married
How long you have been together: Together: One year on December 13th...Married: 7 months on November 13th
How long have you known each other: Little over a year
Anniversary Date: April 16th
Any Children: Nope, not yet. :D
Any Pets: Siberian huskey (3 months old, today!) named Apache and two cats, Otto and Olga.
Military Branch: Army
What you Love most about your soldier: His eyes, his hands, his laugh, his smile, he can sing like Alan Jackson and Tobey Keith, and his sense of humor...etc..etc...etc
What can be done to make this community better: I have no idea.

If you'd like to know anything else...lemme know!

Wednesday, August 31st, 2005
8:20 pm
New member!
Your Name: Jessica, but everyone calls me Jess..
Your Bday: 01/02/1985
S/O Name: Marc
S/O Bday: 10/22/1981
S/O Military Branch: Army National Guard
Military Status (deployed or stateside): Stateside
Anniversary (how long have you been with your S/O?): Off and on since 11/01, but seriously dating just recently.
Status (dating/engaged/married..other?): dating, but he's been asking me questions about how I feel about marriage for the past 2 weeks!
What would you like to see added to this community?: I'm not sure...I'd like to be added and get a chance to get to know everyone!
Feel free to share a pic of yourself and/or your s/o: As soon as I can get into my photobucket account, I will gladly post pictures!

Saturday, August 20th, 2005
10:42 am
Your Name: Jacqui
Your Bday: 02/07
S/O Name: Josh
S/O Bday: 08/06
S/O Military Branch: Army
Military Status (deployed or stateside): Deployed
Anniversary (how long have you been with your S/O?): 05/29 (6 years)
Status (dating/engaged/married..other?): Engaged 3 years and counting
Friday, August 5th, 2005
9:31 am
MOD Post
If you've been rejected for any of the communities that I moderate, please go and read ALL the rules.
If I can not find info on your journal as to who you are or even a reason why you'd want to join the community, I will be rejecting applications just because I don't want drama. The communities are for support, not pissed off trolls trying to cause trouble. So if you want to be part of the communities, put some info about you (AND your soldier/relationship) on your info page so that I can sort of see who or what you're about. If you have a friends only journal and nothing on your info page and 1 or 2 friends, don't plan on being accepted...it's just a safety precaution for existing members.

Thank you


Current Mood: cheerful
Saturday, July 30th, 2005
11:41 pm
anyone who is wondering,
I changed my user name via rename token.
was moodswings76

now, moodswings76

gone back to my roots.

x posted like a bitch donging dickwhore.

Thursday, July 28th, 2005
6:49 pm
Friday, July 22nd, 2005
2:21 am
*honor, courage, commitment*
Your Name: Monica
Your Bday: October 1
S/O Name: Raul
S/O Bday: August 27
S/O Military Branch: Navy
Military Status (deployed or stateside): deployed
Anniversary (how long have you been with your S/O?): July 27, 4 years
Status (dating/engaged/married..other?): dating

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, July 21st, 2005
10:35 am
Your Name:Mollie
Your Bday:1-15-86
S/O Name:Lloyd
S/O Bday:2-23-84
S/O Military Branch:ARMY
Military Status (deployed or stateside):just got home from his second deployment and is now stateside!!
Anniversary (how long have you been with your S/O?):Almost 2 and 1/2 years we have been together and married for almost a year in Sept. :-D
Status (dating/engaged/married..other?):Happily Married
What would you like to see added to this community?:I would love making new friends who understand what it is like being married to someone in the military
Feel free to share a pic of yourself and/or your s/o:on my journal ... more to come

Current Mood: busy
Monday, July 18th, 2005
3:57 pm
Im Baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!
Your name: Karyn
Your age/Birthday:24 03-20-1981
Soldier's name: Todd
Soldier's Age/Birthday:26 going on 27 11-20-78
Anniversary Date:11-29-04
Status (Married, engaged, or LTR):Married!
Soldier's status (deployed or stateside):Deployed
Military Branch:National Guard
Favorite thing about your soldier: His eyes, his sense of humor...
Any changes you'd like to see to the community:We'll see *wink*
Picture:Read more...Collapse )

Current Mood: busy
2:44 am
Support Forums
AWSTM is American Women Supporting the Military ... It is a support forum for wives, girlfriends, mothers, brothers, sisters...anyone who has a loved one in the Military. Its lots of fun, connecting with those that have a similar interest as you. I love it because its a great distraction while Patrick is deployed.

^^ That is the website for AWSTM it tells you about the site and also takes you to the forum so you can register..

^^That takes you directly to the AWSTM forum
Saturday, July 16th, 2005
11:22 pm
Your Name: Vicki
Your Bday: March 18th
S/O Name: Patrick
S/O Bday: March 24th
S/O Military Branch: United States ARMY
Military Status (deployed or stateside): Deployed
Anniversary (how long have you been with your S/O?): 10 months as of yesterday :)
Status (dating/engaged/married..other?): does anyone say "going steady" anymore? lol!
What would you like to see added to this community?: I just got here so I'm not sure
Feel free to share a pic of yourself and/or your s/o: There are pictures of myself and Pat in my user info if you'd like a peek.

Current Mood: bouncy
Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
11:29 am
I hope this one goes through:

For those of you who I don't have in the other community, I just wanted to post once more to say bye. My relationship has ended, so my time here will do the same thing.

Thanks for the help when it was provided. I really appreciate your input, and I would like to keep in touch with a few people.

As always, I wish the best to you and yours.
Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
7:11 pm
Just so you know....
Gee, I'm a bitch? Who'd have thunk it? LOL

Anyway...I really hate stupid people. I'm not referring to my friend's list because I don't deal with stupid people, so they won't be on my friend's list.

If one more little fucking chicken head says, "he's gone for the next 2 months and I have no idea what I'm going to do. I'm so depressed that all I can do is cry." I'm going to fucking slap them!!!!! I need to get a job as a flight attendant....the frequent flier miles are going to kill me if I start traveling to tell off stupid people. My response to one stupid little girl was, "when you're married and pregnant and your husband is in a foreign country for your entire pregnancy, you might have a LITTLE room to talk, but until then, being his gf for less than 2 weeks doesn't cut it so grow the fuck up!" I can't believe it got deleted! LOL *adjusts halo*

Moving on...I'm NOT in Military communities to hold anyone's hand or make them feel all warm and fuzzy. Shit...if the military isn't doing that for the wives of soldiers, then why the hell should I? Do I look like the personal welcome/cheer wagon for every whining little 16 year old horizontal hoe that needs to be a barrack's bunny to get attention from their little groupies by saying "oh look...my bf is a military man"!?! HELL NO! I never claimed to be pleasant or even remotely close to nice. I NEVER said I was going to sugar coat anything and the few times I put things nicely....feel fucking priveledged that I'm having a good hormone day! I do NOT deal with stupid people! I do NOT deal with whining, crying, baby bullshit. I'm not a fucking babysitter and refuse to act like one and if that makes me a cold hearted, hateful, nasty, blunt, straight forward bitch...then YAY FOR ME!!!!! If you don't like it...tough shit. Again...I'm NOT here to make people feel better. This is my way of expressing myself and if you don't like it, don't read it. If you read it and get offended, stop being a jackass and you won't have to take it so personally. Unless I say, "Hey (insert name here), you're a colossal pain in my ass and I'm tired of hearing your whiney, cry baby, poor me bullshit so get the fuck over it!", then it's most likely not directed toward you and just a general observation and if I DO post something insinuating that you're the dumbass and you're too stupid to realize it...I'll let you know. Me keeping my mouth shut is NOT something that happens very often. Feel free to ask ANYONE on my friend's list OR my husband....even he'll tell you what a bitch I am.

So...now that you know a little bit about me...deal with it or cry to someone who cares. This WILL be cross-posted, you don't have to comment to each post, I just figured I'd make sure everyone knew where I'm coming from and feel free to hate me for being blunt, honest and upfront instead of me pretending that I'm going to sugar coat everything for the lil girl's who can't hack it!

*luv, hugs & kisses*

Chrissy M.

Current Mood: chipper
4:29 pm
Ok...it's gotten completely out of hand. Let me just start by saying...I LOVE this community and what it's becoming. I do NOT like certain things that are continuing.

I DID post new rules to both communities, and this WILL be cross-posted....so DEAL!

IF you are NOT in a relationship with a service member...LEAVE THE COMMUNITY or be banned...take your pick. I have better things to do with my pregnant self than sit here and babysit your immature selves, so you know damn well that I'm referring to you, otherwise you'd be laughing your ass off instead of sitting there telling off your computer screen. LOL Again....DEAL!

IF you do NOT like that I'm not allowing barrack's bunny, tag chasing, military tease, uniform crazed, horizontal hoes in my community...tough shit. It took me 2 minutes to create it, do one your damn self! If you've read this and understand what you've read and you actually BELONG here, then comment below with "whoo hoo" If you don't comment by this time next week, you're going to be deleted and/or banned....depending on how the hormones are feeling that particular moment. Feel free to comment with anything you have to say because I'm willing to bet my husband's promotion that this is the LAST time we will be able to laugh at some of you dumbasses!

Now again, I'm going to repeat myself, if you're taking offense to this...you know damn well that it's about you, so just shut the fuck up and leave since you don't belong here anyway.

For those of you who DO belong here....feel free to add any other new rules you'd like to see added in your comments below. We're always up for a reason to get rid of tag trash that don't belong here.

In the next coming weeks, I will be considering adding co-mods and changing things a little bit for the better. I'd just like to say that I LOVE some of the other military communities and the ideas that I've gotten from them. This is going to be more strict and a community for military wives, fiancees or girlfriends that have been around for 6 months or more. If the service member hasn't even gotten shipped to boot camp yet, I'm NOT dealing with the whining and bullshit of that either. Sounds hateful and bitchy...but hey..that's what makes me Chrissy. hehehe

Well...I guess that's all for now....enjoy your stay....IF you last. LOL

*luv, hugs & kisses*

Your bitchy Mod,

Current Mood: accomplished
11:03 am
Your Name: tori (victoria)
Your Bday: 11-20
S/O Name: toby (wayne)
S/O Bday: 05-01
Anniversary: 05-30 Status (dating/engaged/married..other?): married 6 years, together 7
What would you like to see added to this community?: mmm gimme a couple weeks and i'll let ya know ;)
Feel free to share a pic of yourself and/or your s/o:
pictures of usCollapse )
Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
11:54 am
MOD Post...
If you read the rules, this community is for Military Relationships only! I'm sorry, but if you're not in a relationship, then there's no reason to stay in the community.

Also....some of you have complained about posts being rejected or deleted. The rules are very simple, read them and if you can't understand them, contact me BEFORE posting something that will be deleted.

Please comment to let me know that you've read and understood not only this post but the rules as well. Otherwise, I'll be deleting people from the community.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Current Mood: cheerful
Saturday, July 2nd, 2005
4:10 pm
Rather Long (fair warning)
Okae for those new to my friends list, and because I sadly don't update on any of the military couple communities I belong to, let me recap the last six months or so. Travis and I broke up because he said that he didn't want me to worry about him in Iraq (he leaves in about a month). I have been dating various men since then, Erik, Kyle, Logan, and Jack (more about him later).

Erik: Asshole and didn't have the balls to break up with me so he just stopped talking to me.

Kyle: I'd rather not talk about that... BIG mistake.

Logan: Logan and I got along well until he became a little weird. He started to doubt everything I said, and just wasn't relationship matereal. Maybe he will make someone happy in a few years.

Jack: He is in the Army and is currently stationed at DLI. He is a really amazing guy, and we have a great time together.

Okae. I have gone out with him once, but we have gone to the movies and played pool with a lot of our mutual friends (We met at sober grad when I was introduced to him by one of those friends). When we went out on the date, it was pretty much the same as when we would go out with friends. the only exception was that he put his arm around me. After that we got a bite to eat and went to go home. He walked me home, and we kissed. It was reall romantic, and he asked me, which is what got me... Then I went inside and ten minutes later he called me. We talked to each other for hours, and finally went to bed at about 1230. He understands that I am leaving soon, and asked to see me again before I left. I don't know if Ishould grant him this request, because I may be getting his hopes up. But on the other hand, There is a very good chance that I will be statined here. I know I will be here longer than I thought between Boot and MCT (28 days instead of 10), but I have too many feelings on the matter... HELP!

Current Mood: hopeful
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